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1. Don't be a dick.

2. Shouldn’t need to be said, but no godmodding. If your character needs to do something that involves someone else's character, talk to them first and make sure that it's okay. Also, don’t use knowledge that you as a player find out in game unless your character finds out in game. Respect your fellow players and their portrayals of their character, even if a character is being played in a way that makes it hard for your character to get along with them.

3. Keep ooc drama ooc. Try to solve issues with other players as adults, or involve the mod if you can’t work out your issues on your own.

4. Use spell check and read things over to check grammar before posting!

5. When in doubt, just ask! 

6. Be creative! This game is a collaborative storytelling game. We are building this world together and it is meant to be as malleable as possible! If you want your character to be from somewhere that isn't on the map, or possess a skill that isn't listed, worship a deity that isn't listed, just ask! Place names are changeable. Deity names are changeable. Noble houses, merchant empires, everything is up for worldbuilding. Feel free to ask other players or the mod about intertwining backstory between characters or between your character and non-player characters you want to create. In the words of Terry Pratchett, the world is surely the mollusc of your choice!


Activity will be defined as participation in one thread per game day. (Though threads don’t have to be completed in one game day!)

Please address threads in the following format:


Put anything NSFW under a cut.


There will be group plots and adventures, where participation is intended to include the entirety of the playerbase. Every character will have the chance to play a role, and everyone will get the chance to have the spotlight at some point in time based on a strength their character possesses. If not in this plot, than in the next. It’s important to let every character shine and not have players with Mary Sues or Gary Stus who are always good at every single thing they do. If your character is being a Mary Sue or Gary Stu and overshadowing others at every turn, you will be warned.

There is bound to be multiple characters who are good at a type of fighting or excel with a particular weapon. Because this game is not as combat-driven as tabletop d&d, however, players could also have characters who have no fighting skills, but are members of the Llaw because their skill with healing magic or brewing poisons is unmatched. Each character will be good at something, and occasionally characters will have skills that overlap, but players are encouraged to find a unique skill for their character to contribute something special to the party, without being the best at everything they do.


Being based off of tabletop RPGS, this game follows those examples in that each player will play ONE character. This is intended to promote a small adventuring party atmosphere and make sure there is a pivotal role for every player to play in the party. NPCs are of course allowed, and during plots/campaigns the mod will most likely call on other players to ‘sock’ (sock puppet) supporting characters or villain.


Character complexities are awesome and very much encouraged. Characters often performed shady or even evil deeds in their pasts and may perform shady, evil, or questionable deeds in the future. It’s all part of character development. Alignments will vary, of course. But that being said, characters who are outright Evil and always have been and always will be will not be permitted as primary player characters, due to the fact that they would have to work against the party and the campaign within the game, and that’s already the mod’s job! If you’d like to play an evil character, please talk to the mods. It’s very likely that a sock puppet can be developed for you with the mods in line with the game’s campaign.

Game Mechanics

This game is similar to Dungeons and Dragons in that each character has skills or traits that help inform their personality and serve to aid their adventuring party. There are various races that make up Tollanara, all of which are available for character builds.

This game runs on 'threads', which are written scenes between players. Players are encouraged to write 'closed threads' between two characters, or to post 'open threads' which are open to any and all characters, and thus can include more than two characters.

For a visual on how it works, here is an example of a thread between two characters.

Some of these threads will be character development, everyday types of threads, such as a character going shopping and running into another character, going hunting, to a play, practicing archery or brewing potions, etc. Players are encouraged to write these threads at any time. Character development is the point of the game, after all!

Other threads will be plot-driven and will be set up by the plotrunner.

There is an ooc community, wot_ooc, open to all players to discuss character development and plot ideas.

Each game day lasts a week of real time. (This may be re-evaluated if needed, depending on the flow of actual gameplay.)


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