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Character Races in Tollanara

There are several races found throughout Tollanara. Each race originated milennia ago in a specific kingdom or nation, and that race may be still predominant in that area today, but many cities in the various kingdoms are now multicultural, with different races living together.


Dark elves originated in the east-south-eastern island of Cortford, but now can be found throughout the neighbouring cantrevs of Aererth and Lacot, as well as in various cities on the southern peninsula in the cantrevs of Arlos and Essevas. They can also be found among the high elves in Biesa.

Weakness: Sunlight Sensitivity

Racial Traits/Abilities

*Enhanced Darkvision
*Deft Step
*Enhanced Dexterity
*Poison Immunity
*Innate Spell (one spell that your character has learned and can perform at any time)


Dwarves are one of the most well-travelled races in Tollanara, and can be found anywhere and everywhere, though they are the most sparse in Lacot and most densely populated in their ancestral homeland of Fidik. They also make up a majority of the population in Brinholm.

Weakness: Dexterity Weakness

Racial Traits/Abilities

*Enhanced Constitution
*Combat Training
*Poison Resistance
*Tool Proficiency


Pure elementals are creatures of another plane, but people can travel for short periods of time to that plane, while elementals can travel to the material plane for short periods of time. There are several places within Tollanara where the boundaries between the planes are thin, and in these communities half-elementals can be found.

There are eight different types of half-elementals in Tollanara, each with their own special traits.

*Air - gust of wind, levitation (weak against Earth)
*Earth - stone skin, move stone (weak against Air)
*Fire - flame control, burning touch (weak against Water)
*Ice - frost touch, ice weapon (weak against Lightning)
*Lightning - create lightning, lightning weapon (weak against Ice)
*Metal - control metal, metal skin (weak against Plant)
*Plant - grow plants, thorn whip (weak against Metal)
*Water - water breathing, control water (weak against Fire)

Each elemental has resistance to their own element but a weakness against their counter element.

ELF (and Half-Elf)

High elves are one of the most reclusive races in Tollanara, preferring to inhabit the islands of Biesu rather than most of the other lands of the realm. There is a small contingent, however, who have populated neighbourhoods in the southern caers. There are also a handful of communities of elves in the forests that make up much of the middle of the continent.

On the other hand, half elves, like dwarves, are one of the most integrated of races in Tollanara, being found on every corner of the map, in every city of the realm. 

Weakness: Constitution Weakness

Racial Traits/Abilities

*Enhanced Dexterity
*Keen Senses
*Trance (sleep time reduced by half)
*Innate Spell (one spell that your character has learned and can perform at any time)


Half-giants are one of the scarcer races in Tollanara, but are beginning to come down from the Natukkhol Highlands towards the caers of the southern peninsula in greater numbers. They are also beginning to emigrate eastwards to Drisu.

Weakness: Stealth weakness

Racial Traits/Abilities

*Enhanced Strength
*Thick Skinned
*Elemental Resistance
*Frightful Bellow
*Stone Sense


Halflings are found most prominently in the southwest of the main continent, around Barad and Untton, but great numbers are also at home in the larger cities to the south.

Weakness: Size Small

Racial Traits/Abilities

*Friend to All
*Naturally Stealthy
*Enhanced Constitution
*Enhanced Charisma
*Enhanced Dexterity


Humans once originated on the southwestern and southeastern islands, in the cantrevs of Lewick, Aegorht, and Waburn (in the west) and Lacot (in the east), but are now also found throughout the west and the south of Tollanara. Like dwarves, humans in great numbers also emigrated to Drisu in the far east. 

Humans are granted two extra character traits, bringing a character's total to seven.

Weakness: ambition


Gnomes, before Tollanara was unified, populated the unnamed forests of southern Brimholm, as well as the Fangwood and the Witchlight, but now can be found throughout western and southern Tollanara.

Weakness: Size Small

Racial Traits/Abilities

*Gnome Cunning
*Speak with Small Beasts
*Enhanced Intelligence


Orcs, like giants and high elves, do not tend to populate the western farming communities or the large cities as much as other races, but are found very prominently scattered throughout the east. Roving bands, however, occasionally do roam the west and south.

Weakness: Stealth weakness

Racial Traits/Abilities

*Relentless Endurance
*Savage Attacks
*Enhanced Strength


Tieflings, the product of humans mating with demons or devils, are most often found in the cantrev of Lacot. This is due to the fact that Lacot's population of humans, especially before unification, were prominently into the worship of devils, demons, and the like. Of course, other cantrevs see their share of demon-worshippers and as such tieflings can be found anywhere, but they are most often found in Lacot. Drisu also has a large contingent of tieflings, and they are becoming more populous in Aegorht, as well.

Weakness: Unliked By Most

Racial Traits/Abilities

*Fire Resistance
*Enhanced Intelligence
*Enhanced Charisma
*Innate Spell (one spell that your character has learned and can perform at any time)



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