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Deities in Tollanara

Throughout all territories of Tollanara certain deities are worshiped based on profession.

In Caer Athaund and the other cities in the southern peninsula, where creatures from all races and regions have settled, a large pantheon of deities are worshipped.

Most territories within Tollanara have worshipped two or three local deities for centuries, and some have integrated their deities into the cultural melting pots that are the metropolitan cities.

Many small villages, however, still worship lesser known local deities, which don't appear on this list. Discuss with the mod if you have a unique deity your character would like to worship.

Cytos, God of the Sky and Storms

Otuna, Goddess of Marriage and Intrigue

Gildir, God of Light and Music

Mereus, God of the Sea - popular especially among those from Biesu

Zygrasil, Goddess of the Underworld

Fyenta, Goddess of Wisdom and Civilization

Cyhsyn, God of Hunting

Tektia, Goddess of Smithing and Craft - popularity increased in the southern regions when dwarves from the northwest immigrated southward

Oznir, God of Agriculture

Kidall, God of Love and Beauty

Woaldir, God of War and Strife - popularity increased in the southern regions when orcs from the far east immigrated southward

Riras, Goddess of Mirth and Wine - popularity increased in the southern regions when gnomes and halflings immigrated southward

Yphine, Goddess of Magic

Sestia, Goddess of Home and Childbirth

Sigleny, God of Nature - popularity increased in the southern regions when elves from Biesu immigrated to the southern cities

Azthys, Goddess of Travel and Commerce

Iwgyn, Goddess of Healing

Uagi, God of Trickery - popularity increased in the southern regions when drow from Cortford immigrated southward

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